The Risk of Darkness / Susan Hill


The Risk of Darkness – A Simon Serrailler crime novel.

We met Simon Serrailler first in “The Various Haunts of Men” and got to know him better in “The Pure in Heart”. Susan Hill’s third crime novel, “The Risk of Darkness” – perhaps even more compulsive and convincing than its predecessors-explores the crazy grief of a widowed husband, whose derangement turns into obsession and threats, violence and terror. Meanwhile, handsome, introverted Simon Serrailler, whose cool reserve has broken the hearts of several women, finds his own heart troubled by the newest recruit to the Cathedral staff: a feisty female Anglican priest with red hair. “The Risk of Darkness” is truly the work of a writer at the top of her form.|Susan Hill’s novels and short stories have won the Whitbread Book, Somerset Maugham, and John Llewellyn Rhys Awards and the Yorkshire Post Book of the Year and have been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. The play adapted from her famous ghost novel, “The Woman in Black2, has been running in the West End since 1989.

Language: English

Publisher: Chatto & Windus (Random House), 2010
Genre: Crime Novel
Pages: 376
Format: Hardcover / 16 x 24 cm

Condition: used