From the Mundane to the Magnificent / Vera Stanley Alder


Vera Stanley Alder takes a series of extraordinary journeys on the etheric plane accompanied by a spirit guide and teacher named Raphael. In the course of these “out-of-body” experiences she was vouchsafed a vision, not merely of humanity’s past, but of the possibilities awaiting us as evolution proceeds on its divinely inspired course.Previously a successful portrait painter, Vera Stanley Alder’s life was transformed by her spiritual experiences, and she thereafter devoted her life to writing, speaking and teaching the profound truths she had learned. In addition to describing the difficulties of life in Essex during the dangerous years of the Second World War, her book gives a fascinating account of how one woman achieved enlightenment and became one of the great spiritual teachers of our time.

Language: English

Publisher: Rider, 1988
Genre: Novel
Pages: 204
Format: Paperback / 13,5 x 21, 5 cm

Condition: used